Ground Rules

I know it’s one day late for setting ground rules but I had to think of them first

  • The whole world can read this, if they’re interested, so I’ll just use initials to protect the innocent. I used J’s real name yesterday but I went back and edited it.
  • I’m not going to drivel on every day. I’ll only drivel on if I have some drivel to say, which won’t be every day. I don’t suppose.
  • I’ll come back and edit this list with any new ground rules I think up.

So, what is my situation? I’ve been unemployed since graduation, except for a hideous month in summer scratching around on a dig in East Anglia under the world’s rudest Professor, who treated us all like crap and paid less than the minimum wage for sixteen hours in drizzle. It was in a car park which was about to become a Sainsbury’s and the Prof. had persuaded Sains to let him check for Viking artifacts first. They gave him six months, five of which he frittered away trying to get a grant for it. Silly twit. Needless to say, we found nothing.

It’s not quite true that I’ve been out of work the whole time. I did a couple of weeks as a clerk in a garage, which cousin B organised. The money was OK but I had to leave because they were getting me involved in the business, and I’m worried I’ll get diverted from my vocation.

I am SERIOUSLY DEDICATED to Archaeology. I know jobs are few and far between, and badly paid, but as long as the company is good and I can afford to live on what I get paid, then I’ll be OK. I do prefer warmer weather than East Anglia, though. The Mediterranean would be nice.

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