Work at last!

I’ve been offered a job and it really is ideal because it allows me to have most of my day free for archaeological pursuits – at least those items that can be pursued in the college library. I remember my cousin Peter watching me on New Year’s Eve, when the whole family were on about me earning a living, and he was the only one who wasn’t on my case. He phoned up this morning and suggested that I take a job as his assistant. He would pay me a percentage of what he earns and I would just help him and learn the trade at the same time. He mainly works at night – he has a franchise as a 24 hour emergency plumber. This doesn’t mean that the job is 24 hours, you choose a shift, and you only get called during that time period. He takes the midnight to 8am shifts because he has his brother’s shop to look after. You can see there’s a tradition of hard work in our family and why it there is such pressure on everyone to get a job!

So, anyway, I start tomorrow, Monday. A plumber!

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