Hello, again!

Well, here I am, in sunny Greece again. Soon as I could, I just took a flight to Athens and then went back to the island I was at last Easter. I guess more in hope than anything else. It took me several days to pluck up courage to go to Nikos’s Taverna, by which time – I had lost track – it was New Year’s Eve, and there he was – Carfilhiot, as I must call him here, with a young nerd called Alfredo who was well on the way to oblivion already. I got a fantastic welcome from everyone. C. in particular but also Alexis and Nikos who I never expected to remember me.

And the best thing – no-one asked why, when, whatever. I was just accepted. And I’m living with him now. Carfilhiot. It was a bit crowded when Alfredo was there, but he went three weeks ago. We’ve been talking about moving to a bigger place.

The funny thing is.. I’ve lost the need to blog. Blogging must have been some sort of sign I was miserable.

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