Oh God… What to do.

I am kind of forced to start blogging again, because Carfilhiot has disappeared since his most recent blog entry on 3rd April.

As you will see in his own blog, he set off optimistically enough, but he just never turned up again. We were going to stay in touch by cell phone because Albania has GSM coverage, it should have been no problem, but his phone was switched off. Of course I left loads of messages.

I was in Corfu a week before I did anything, because Carfilhiot has warned me that absolutely everything takes absolutely ages.

I went and spoke to one of the guys he’d been in the meeting with. He knew nothing.  He just looked gloomy and said he hadn’t heard. I pestered him until he gave me an address and telephone number in Saranda which rang, but mostly didn’t reply and when it did nobody spoke English.

I contacted C’s lawyer in Corfu that came to us when they were investigating Ginger. He evidently regards C as a highly suspicious character, which with C’s history, I guess you have to sympathize with. He was just totally unhelpful.

I wasn’t sure how Carfilhiot would regard it if I involved the British Consul in Corfu. I mean, I expected to hear from C every hour because he knows my mobile number, so it seemed a bit alarmist. Even if he dropped his mobile overboard, they have telephones in Albania, don’t they? But maybe his phone’s bust and he only had my number on his SIM…

Anyway, what I decided I told the consul I was going to Albania looking for a friend, and if I don’t turn up again, will he send out a search party, please. He kind of grinned at that.

And now I’m telling my readers, if any, that I’m going tomorrow. Please set up a hue and cry if I fail to post, say, in a week.

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